Product Details

Item Name: 1 Bottle Molded Pulp Wine Shipper
Size(L*W*H): L380*W120*H110mm
Production Technology: Dry Press
Material:  Recycled  Paper
Capacity:  1x 750ml Wine Bottle
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: Packaging or Transportation
MOQ: 2000-3000 pcs

Is It Safe To Use Pulp Molded Wine Shipper To Pack The Wine Bottles?

Pulp molded wine shipper are made from recycled paper, and are designed to provide protection to the wine bottles during transportation. It is generally safe to use pulp molded wine shippers to pack wine bottles. The molded pulp material is often shaped to fit the bottles securely, and can be molded to the insert additional cushioning part for added protection.

It’s important to note that different types of wine may require different shape, and different level of protection during shipping. Normally we would provide customized design to different bottle shapes, so it’s best to check with wine suppliers to determine the best type of packaging for your specific needs. It is always a good idea to take care when handling the wine bottles to minimize the risk of damage, regardless of the type of packaging used.


How To Customize the Pulp Wine Shipper?

Customizing the pulp shipper involves modifying the design,size and shape of the packaging to meet clients’ specific needs and preferences.Here are some basic steps we will follow to customize the molded pulp wine shippers:

Step1: Determine the size of the wine bottles, the type of the wines, and any additional requirements such as insulation or water resistance.

Step2: Choose the correct material for your shipper. Molded pulp wine shipper are typically made from recycled paper, sugarcane pulp or bamboo pulp. Different material can be used for different wine bottles.

Step3: Select the right shape: The pulp material can be molded into a variety of shapes to accommodate different types of wine bottles, as well as the number of bottles you need to pack, when choosing the right shape for your wine shipper.

Steps4: Decide the dimensions  and features: Depending on your requirements, you may want to add custom dimensions and features to your wine shipper, such as logo, handles or special closures.

Steps5: Create the drawing and production: After all details confirmed, we will create the drawing and develop the tooling for production. Once off tooling sample approved, we will  arrange mass production for the new shippers.

Customizing molded pulp wine shipper allows to you create packaging that meets your specific need and provides the best protection for your bottles during shipping.


Can you create the drawing for the bottle if we can not provide the drawing?

Yes, our technical team can create the design and drawing if client can provide the bottle. We can customize the packaging or shipper as your products.

What is the MOQ to develop the new tooling for the wine shipper?

Normally our MOQ is 3000-5000 pcs for each type, but we can also accept the small qty for some new order.

Can we add the our logo on the wine shipper?

Yes, we can add the logo on the shipper , and you will only need to provide the file of logo.

Do you have any stock for the wine shipper?

We have few stock items, but it depends on the production schedule.

Can I get free samples?

Yes, we can send you sample free of charge, you will only need to pay the shipping charge.

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