Find a Better Way For Fragile Like Alcohol Packaging

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Are you happened to buy bottles or alcohol packaging with receiving damaged goods.That,s a headache problem for a long time in alcohol packaging,it may be can be costly to replace when damaged, or heavy, or increase carbon emissions like plastic, not cost effective, not recyclable, what’s improtant,is not cost effective.

The Good news is that right packaging way occured to protect the fragile bottles well,mitigate any such damage and reduce carbon emissions,and also cost effective way at the same turn, increase customer satisfaction and reduce lost profit. And This is right request Beverage companies are looking for,

Fragile items packaging is undergoing a revolution that addresses design, sustainability and to-go options,to capture and display their brand, reduce carbon emissions, and provide compliant to-go packaging,most Beverage company wanted that,

So take time to find out the right way ,and what key aspects that alcohol packaging needed,it,s a longterm benefit item.key aspects we think include below:

Packaging material

What make the package maximun satify customer reuqest is definetly no doubt,is material,replace plastic, bucky,irregular-shaped and heavy but still damaged goods,molded pulp packaging make minmun damage,it can protect all products in 360º protection on two side.And From the top.middle,base/bottom,it can be protected completely to strongest protection,Using a material with optimal strength and durability while molded pulp.


Packaging Design

How to make a complete protection design for the bottles,it,s what we need to do reserach and design,with a structure and complete design for the bottles.from top to bottom,it can protect all aspects of product.Internal packaging designed to work specifically with the external case or box will yield the strongest solution, supporting and protecting all points of the product inside。


For truly sustainable bottle packaging, make sure to ask where the product is made and from what. Is the source sustainable? What happens to the packaging after use? Can it be disposed of without damage to the environment and is it obvious to the consumer how to do that? Both upcoming regulation and consumer behaviours will make it essential to know the answers to these questions about your packaging choices.

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