Advanges Of Pulp Molded Products

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Compared with standard plastic product, do you know the main advantages of pulp molded products? 

Pulp molding products with foam, plastic (generally refers to PP material), starch and other aspects have its unique advantages:

(1)Renewable raw materials. Straw is a renewable resource, and for China, both oil and grain are scarce resources. Therefore, polypropylene and grain can be supplied and used less and less, the corresponding supply of such products will decrease, the price will increase, and eventually they will be eliminated by the market.

(2)Easy to store. Pulp molding products are dried, can reach 98% of the dryness, long-term storage will not deteriorate; Starch products contain protein components, which are easily mildew after exposure to air, so it is not easy to store for a long time.

(3)Complete degradation, no pollution. General PP material tableware is not degradable; Starch products are mostly mixed with talcum powder (that is, calcium carbonate), only part of the degradation, or will cause pollution; Foaming cutlery, it goes without saying, does not degrade at all. Therefore, pulp molding products are environmental protection products in the true sense!

(4) Higher security. Pulp molding straw tableware fully meet the various requirements of food containers, the production process does not add any chemical additives, no harm to the human body. And the other several tableware do not have such conditions, such as: foaming tableware, in 65℃ will produce harmful dioxins, the substance can cause cancer; Both PP and starchy tableware are made with calcium carbonate, a component of lime that is also harmful to human health, to increase their stiffness and strength.

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