Application Of Pulp Molded Products

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As a new green and environmentally friendly product, pulp molded products have been fully demonstrated in their application value.

Pulp molded products have good shock-proof, anti-static, and anti-corrosion effects, and have no pollution to the environment, which helps manufacturers’ products entering the international and domestic markets, and could be widely used in catering, food, electrical appliances, computers, and mechanical parts, industrial instrumentation, handicraft glass, ceramics, toys, medicine, decoration and other industries.

According to the usage scenarios of pulp molded products, it can be divided into four major application fields: food packaging, industrial packaging, agricultural packaging and medical products.

Food packaging

More and more countries use paper tableware made from pulp through molding, mainly including molded paper cups, bowls, lunch boxes, plates and etc. The products are elegant and practical in appearance, good in strength and plasticity, compressive and foldable, light in material, easy to store and transport; the material is not only waterproof and oil-proof, but also suitable for freezing storage and microwave heating. Pulp molded tableware is the main alternative to single-use plastic tableware which has adapt to modern people’s eating habits and food. The structure can also meet the needs of fast food processing.

Molded Pulp products for the food and beverage industry are being utilized across the globe. With the technology to coat these products with a bio-plastic laminate, the products keep their integrity of being able to remain biodegradable and compostable. With a coating, the container can withstand high temperatures, be safe in the oven, microwave and refrigerator.

ndustrial packaging

There are on-going efforts to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic for packaging, this anti-plastic sentiment is beneficial to the pulp and paper industrial in that it encourages biodegradable alternatives. The use of paper mold material as the package has the advantages of good plasticity and strong buffering force, which fully meets the requirements of the inner packaging of electrical products. Pulp molding industrial packaging products are now gradually widely used in home appliances, electronics, communication equipment, computer accessories, ceramics, glass, instrumentation, toys, lighting, handicrafts and other products lined with shockproof packaging.

Meanwhile, once you remove the product that the packaging is biodegradable & disposable which is Eco-friendly to the environment.



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