Blank Paper Pulp Craft Face Mask

Item Name: Blank Paper Pulp Craft Face Mask
Size(L*W*H): Customized Size
Production Technology: Dry Press
Material: Recycled Paper/ Fiber
Weight: Light Weight
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: Packaging or Transportation
Packing Details: Bulk Packed In Carton Box

What is Blank Paper Pulp Craft Face Mask?

The blank paper pulp craft face mask is a type of face mask that is made from blank paper pulp, which is a material made from recycled paper that has been pulped and molded into various shapes. These masks are designed to be customizable and can decorated with paint, markers, stickers or any other craft supplies to create a personalized look. Blank Paper Pulp Craft Masks are often used for artistic expression, as a fun DIY project, or as an alternative to disposable masks that can create waste.

Blank Paper Pulp Craft Face Mask

How to DIY or Color the Pulp Paper Masquerade Mask?

Before DIY or color a pulp paper mask, you will need to select a correct type of the mask you like. Prepare blank paper pulp mask, paintbrushes ,craft glue and other decorative elements. Start with a coat of white paint as a base layer which will make your colors more vibrant, once your paint is dry, you can add additional decorative elements using craft glue. Allow the glue to dry completely before wearing your mask.



Can you customize the paper mask as specific size?

Yes, we can provide customization if you can provide 3D drawing or more details.

What is the MOQ for the paper face mask?

For existing mask types, we can start with small qty , such as 1000units.

What is the difference between the dry press and wet press paper face masks?

There are two kinds of production technologies and materials for the face mask, one is dry press with recycled white paper, the other is wet press with bamboo and sugarcane pulp.

Do you have any stock ?

We have few stock items, but it depends on the production schedule.

Can I get free samples?

Yes, we can send you sample free of charge, you will only need to pay the shipping charge.

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