Different Trimming Types In Pulp Molded Production

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As an environmental protection product, pulp molding products have been developed in China for many years. The molding methods are from dry pressing to wet pressing and then to fine products. The technology is constantly improving, the demoulding slope is getting smaller and smaller, and the surface of the products is smooth and beautiful. After the pulp molding product is formed, it is necessary to cut off the burr edge material and other excess parts at the edge of the product, and finish the production of the product after cutting the edge. The existing edging techniques for pulp molded products include plane trimming, rotary trimming and laser trimming.


Type one: plane trimming is the most common trimming process, using the knife die in the punching machine from top to bottom, through the pressure to squeeze the blade into the material, forming a fiber cut; The plane cutting die is usually insert the blade in wood or metal plate, and is limited by die cutter, the production principle of on board slot , blade and grooving tend to exist between the aperture, the blade for wall thickness of about 1 mm or so . In the process of actual plane trimming , the blade flutter cause size error, cause from into the blade to blade angle, and plane cutting belongs to the pressure cutting method, there are often tear marks in the incision; In the process of plane cutting, there is a support on the back of the object to bear and the blade to form a cutting edge, which causes the plane beer cutting will have a edge, the edge size is inconsistent in the minimum of 0.3mm, and this edge limits the paper plastic can only be used as an inner tray, and there is often a plane edge reserved.


Type two: rotary trimming, is the use of inside and outside two molds, will be caught in the middle, paper-plastic products through the relative rotation mold and mold, cutting, paper products, according to different style paper-plastic products and custom different mould. Same as the pressure type trimming, exists in the slit tear lines, fiber is not cut off. The use of inner and outer two pieces of mold relative rotation to form cutting edge, inner and outer mold wear more, need special rotary cutting equipment, processing cost is high.


Type three: laser edge cutting, uses a laser generator to convert electric energy into light, and focuses light in the target cutting area to form a high temperature fuse material to form incision, accompanied by black and brown coke marks, which are more obvious for light color paper and plastic products. At the same time, laser edge cutting efficiency is low, not suitable for large quantities of paper and plastic products, and there are positioning difficulties, resulting in uneven cutting phenomenon.


Different products have different design and shapes, so factory will need to choose the correct cutting way and equipment accordingly. If you are interested in the production process, learn more details from https://www.lianpack.com/products-detail-941421 



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