Eco-friendly Fiber Molded Coffee Capsule Cup

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Currently Pulp tableware is a more common product in the market, and now we also develope the coffee capsule cup with fiber material. The pods could be completely degraded in its natural state within 45-90 days, and can be composted at home. The main component after degradation is organic matter, so it will not produce any waste residue or pollution at all.  The paper pulp coffee capsule we are talking about has the characteristics of buffering, compression resistance and shock resistance as a packaging container, which can effectively protect the packaged products. Made of paper pulp by vacuum adsorption molding, drying, and then made of deep processing, which is the easy and simple producing process without any waste. Using eco-friendly coffee capsule, start with a simple & sustainable life style.Trust won’t let you down.

Product Details

Product Name 100% Customized Biodegradable Brand New Sugarcane Bagasse Coffee Capsule
Size: Customized
Color: White, Unbleached
Material: Sugarcane Fiber Pulp
Packaging: Shrinkable, bags with carton boxes
MOQ: 100000pcs
Feature: 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, sustainable, stackable
Application Coffee pod
Quality Control Advance Equipment & Experienced QC checking during material/ production/ packaging & shipping process


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