Product Details

Item Name: Fiber Moulded Fruit Tray
Size(L*W*H): Customized Size
Production Technology: Wet Press
Material: Sugarcane Pulp
Weight: Light Weight
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: Packaging or Transportation
Packing Details: Bulk Packed In Carton Box

What Is Fiber Moulded Fruit Tray?

A fiber moulded fruit tray is a type of tray made from natural fibers, such as sugarcane, bamboo or wheat straw that are molded into a tray shape using pulp molded production process. These trays are often used for displaying and transporting fruits, vegetables and other food items.Fiber molded trays are eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic trays, as they are biodegradable and compostable. They are also lightweight, durable and be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet specific needs, they can also be used to catering and food service events.

What Is the Material For This Fiber Molded Tray?

The material used for wet press pulp molded trays is typically a combination of sugarcane and bamboo pulp and water. The pulp fibers are first pulped and mixed with water to create a slurry or pulp. This mixture is then formed into the desired shape using a mold and press process, and then dry and trim the tray. The specific type of paper fibers used can very depending on the intended application and the properties desired for the final product. Additionally, some manufacturers may add additives such as starch or bonding agents to improve the strength and durability of the tray.



Is it possible to create the drawing if we provide the products?

Yes, we can create the drawing if you provide the products.

What is the MOQ for new tooling production?

Normally, we will test the tooling production once tooling finished, so we can accept small qty production for some new projects.

What is the material for the tray?

The main material for tray is sugarcane pulp.

How long to produce the tooling of tray ?

The normal production period is 14days.

Can I get free samples after new tooling?

Yes, we can send you sample after tooling finished.

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