Product Details

Item Name: Medical Pulp Products
Size(L*W*H): Customized Size
Production Technology: Dry Press
Material: Recycled Paper/ Fiber
Weight: Light Weight
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: Packaging or Transportation
Packing Details: Bulk Packed In Carton Box

What Are Medical Pulp Products?

Medical pulp products are medical devices made from cellulose pulp which is derived from fiber or paper pulp. These products are used in a variety of medical applications, such as wound care, surgical dressings and absorbent pads. The pulp used in these products is typically processed to remove impurities and to create a uniform, absorbent material. It is then often treated with various chemicals to enhance its properties, such as increasing its absorption capacity or adding antimicrobial agents to prevent infection. The products range includes disposable bedpans, urine bottles, kidney dishes, CS receiver, pan liner and etc. These products are generally considered safe and effective for their intended uses, but as with any medical device, they should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Medical Pulp Products

How To Reduce The Risk Of Cross-infection By Using Medical Pulp Products

Medical pulp products can be used to reduce the risk of cross-infection in healthcare settings by following proper infection control measures. Here are some guidelines for reducing the risk of cross-infection when using medical pulp products. 1. Practicing good hand hygiene is essential in preventing the spread of infection.2. Medical pulp products should be sterilized or disinfected before use to kill any microorganisms that may be present; 3. Medical pulp products should be stored in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area to prevent contamination;4. Medical pulp products should be disposed of properly to prevent the spread of infection. Used products should be placed in a biohazard bag and disposed of according to local regulations. By following these guidelines, healthcare workers can help reduce the risk of cross-infection when using medical pulp products.



Can you create the drawing for the bottle if we can not provide the drawing?

Yes, our technical team can create the design and drawing if client can provide the bottle. We can customize the packaging or shipper as your products.

What is the MOQ to develop the new tooling for the wine shipper?

What is the MOQ to develop the new tooling for the wine shipper?

What is the material for the tray?

The main material for tray is sugarcane pulp.

How long to produce the tooling of tray ?

The normal production period is 14days.

Can I get free samples after new tooling?

Yes, we can send you sample after tooling finished.

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