Products Details

Product Details

Item Name: Molded Paper Cup Trays- 4Cups
Size(L*W*H): L225*W225*H45mm
Production Technology: Dry Press
Material: Recycled Paper/ Fiber
Weight:  45g
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: Packaging or Transportation
Packing Details: 160pcs per carton/ carton size:47*46*46cm

Can Paper Molded Tray Hold Hot Products?

It depends on the specific materials and design of the paper molded tray. The paper molded trays from our factory are designed to withstand high temperatures and can hold hot products. Typically, pulp molded trays are made from natural fibers, such as paper or cardboard that has been molded into a specific shape. These materials can be treated with various coatings or additives to increase their strength and heat resistance. Additionally, the design of the paper molded tray can also play a role in its ability to hold hot products, as tray with thicker walls or deeper cavities maybe better suited for high temperature applications.

Molded Paper Cup Trays- 4Cups

How To Minimize The Packing Size For Paper Molded Trays?

Paper molded trays can be stackable depending on their design and the specific application. The stacking ability of a paper molded tray can be influenced by factors such as the thickness of the material, the overall dimensions of the tray, and the design of the stacking features, such as any interlocking tabs or recessed areas that allow for more stable stacking. In some cases, paper molded tray may also be designed with stacking ribs or other features that help to prevent the trays from sticking together or collapsing under the weight of other stacked trays.

molded pulp


Can you create the drawing for the new design if we want to add logo?

Yes, our technical team can create the design and drawing with your logo.

What is the production lead time for 1x container?

Production lead time is around 2-3days, it’s depending on our production schedule.

Is it the recycled material?

Yes, we use 100% recycled corrugated board for the cup carriers.

Do you have any stock ?

We have few stock items, but it depends on the production schedule.

Can I get free samples?

Yes, we can send you sample free of charge, you will only need to pay the shipping charge.

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