Paper Pulp Packaging Is Very Lively, Many FMCG Brands Around The World Launched Paper-Plastic Packaging Products

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Many FMCG brands around the world announced the launch of various products packaged in paper bottles, realizing the path to sustainable packaging

On June 8, Nestlé released two innovative packaging of natural mineral water bottles for Vittel®

The new packaging was developed by experts at Nestlé’s Waters R&D center in Vittel, France. The first one is Vittel® GO, which consists of a reusable hard protective sleeve and reduces the amount of plastic by 40%. The second is the Vittel® Hybrid 100% recyclable bottle, made of two materials.

(Photo source: Nestlé official website)

June 8th, UK online retailerThe English Vine.Launched its first British paper bottled wine

The paper wine bottle Frugal Bottle is manufactured in the UK by sustainable packaging company Frugalpac. It is five times lighter than glass bottles and has a carbon footprint that is 84% ​​lower than glass bottles.


The English Vine-the first paper bottle wine packaging

(Source: The English Vine official website)

On June 9, Sony developed the “Original Blended Material” and applied it to the packaging of its new wireless noise-canceling headphones

This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable paper material, made of bamboo, sugar cane fiber and post-consumer recycled paper. It is a recyclable, durable and strong paper material that does not use any plastic. Moreover, its packaging has adopted a reduced-weight design. The volume of the new packaging has been reduced by 66% compared with the previous generation product. Plastic cushioning materials have been eliminated and printed materials such as manuals have been greatly reduced. The paper-plastic components are directly assembled into a complete packaging box without the need No plastic material is used for gluing.

Sony-original blended material “Original Blended Material” box

(Source: Sony official website)

June 10, Unilever. Released its first paper bottle laundry detergent

This “paper bottle laundry detergent” is made of recyclable pulp. The technology is developed by Unilever and Pulpex. It will first be applied to its detergent products and is expected to be unveiled in Brazil in early 2022.

The inside of the bottle is sprayed with a proprietary waterproof coating to enable the material to hold liquid products such as laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner containing surfactants, fragrances and other active ingredients.

Unilever-the first paper bottle laundry detergent

(Source: Unilever’s official website)

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