Products Details

Product Details

Item Name: Pulp Molded Wine Bottle Lid Packaging
Size(L*W*H): Customized Size
Production Technology: Wet Press
Material: Sugarcane Pulp
Weight: Light Weight
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: Packaging or Transportation
Packing Details: Bulk Packed In Carton Box

What is Pulp Molded Wine Bottle Lid Packaging?

Pulp molded wine bottle lid packaging is a type of packaging made from paper pulp, it is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or foam packaging for bottle lids. The packaging is lightweight, biodegradable and can be easily recycled. In the case of wine bottle lid packaging, the molded pulp material is designed to fit securely around the lid of the bottle, providing protection during shipping and storage. The material is durable enough to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling, while also being gently enough to avoid scratching or damaging the lid or label of the bottle.

Pulp Molded Wine Bottle Lid Packaging

What is the trimming production process of molded pulp bottle packaging?

Trimming is an important step in the production process of molded pulp packaging. Once the pulp has been molded into the desired shape for the packaging, excess material must be removed to achieve the final product. Trimming process involves cutting or tearing away the excess pulp material from the molded packaging. This can be done manufally or with specialized machinery, depending on the size and complexity of the packaging.

scrap edge


Can you make sure the smooth of the packaging edge is good enough?

Yes, our trimming process will cut and tear away the excess pulp, and make sure all the edges are clean enough.

What is the MOQ for new tooling production?

Normally, we will test the tooling production once tooling finished, so we can accept small qty production for some new projects.

What is the material for the tray?

The main material for tray is sugarcane pulp.

How long to produce the tooling of tray ?

The normal production period is 14days.

Can I get free samples after new tooling?

Yes, we can send you sample after tooling finished.

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