Product Details

Item Name: Recyclable Pulp Molded Clamshell Box
Size(L*W*H): Customized Size
Production Technology: Dry Press
Material:  Recycled Paper/ Fiber
Weight: Light Weight
Design Style: Customized Acceptable
Application: DIY Masquerade Mask
Packing Details: Bulk Packed In Carton Box

What is Recyclable Pulp Molded Clamshell Box?

The clamshell pulp boxes are packaging made from recycled paper pulp. These boxes are typically use for packaging food, electronics, cosmetics or other consumer goods.The resulting clamshell box is lightweight, strong and able to protect its contents from damage during transportation. Recyclable pulp molded clamshell boxes are a popular choice for environmentally conscious businesses and consumers who want to reduce their environmental footprint and minimize waste.

Recyclable Pulp Molded Clamshell Box

Can factory produce pulp packaging with other color material?

Yes, factories can produce pulp packaging with other color material bu adding pigments or dyes to pulp mixture during manufacturing process.It’s worth noting that adding colors or other materials may impact the recyclability of the packaging, so important to consider the entire life cycle of the product when make decisions. In addition to adding color, factory can also use other material to create unique textures or patterns in the pulp packaging.

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Can you customize the paper packaging as specific size?

Yes, we will provide customization if you can provide drawing or products.

What is the MOQ for new tooling production?

Normally, we will test the tooling production once tooling finished, so we can accept small qty production for some new projects.

What is the material for the tray?

The main material for tray is sugarcane pulp.

How long to produce the tooling of tray ?

The normal production period is 14days.

Can I get free samples after new tooling?

Yes, we can send you sample after tooling finished.

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