Space Filler Inserts Pulp Molded Packaging

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Pulp Molded PackagingThese inserts are rigid with a papery feel. Pulp is a fibrous material typically derived from wood or other plant sources. It is often used in packaging as it is biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. Space filler inserts suggest that these pulp components are designed to fill empty spaces within packaging to provide protection and stability for the packaged items during transportation and handling.

To make these inserts, pulp is sucked onto custom molds, then dried with heat to harden into a rigid shape. They can be made using wet press or dry press. Wet press tends to create a smoother surface, while dry press creates a more textured surface. The material selection also plays a role in the final texture. Talk to your supplier about your desired texture, and they can help you find the right combination of material and process. Molded pulp inserts can be customized with logos or design added to the mold for an embossed effect and there are some printing options available.

The cost of tooling (i.e. the custom shaped mold) is notably higher than the cost of other custom insert options, so molded fiber is ideal for high volumes. Though, suppliers may have stock options available for basic shapes or common silhouettes, like wine bottle

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