The Future Of Eco Friendly Food Pulp Packaging

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According to plastic free command, there has more and more request of recycled, compostable, degradable packaging in the market, same in the food industry & market, food packaging is the large parts in our daily life, do plastic free in food packaging, make a big difference on our green earth environment, what make it come true, food pulp box/tray/plate, that’s it. Now we will show some examples for you below.

Food Pulp Takeaway Series

Big capacity item, It’s Perfect choice for restaurant, workplace, or u want to have a picnic, or take away, or have a party and same to delivery services.

These items are made of natural plant fiber, such as sugarcane, bamboo, wheat.etc. These material colors are bleached. It can be decomposed by microorganisms in a composting environment for around 90 days.

This item material is full Environmentally friendly, compostable ( 90 days)and it’s widely used in Refrigerator safe, oven and microwave safe, otherwise, it’s Water resistance, oil resistance . anti-static, very useful and convenient item. Also it’s Contribute to green life, with high quality products, with affordable price.

This Pulp tray is based on water and grease resistant. Ideal choice for catering and restaurant using, also it’s safe in refrigeration, oven, microwave safe

Stacking stably. The container base is designed to be easy to stack and not easy to slip off.

High durability: This design makes the structure stronger. It is ideal for the dinner table or a party or a picnic, whenever u want to takeaway it.

Temperature range : -15℃~120℃ / 5℉~248℉

Pulp Bowl

This oval shape container is ideal for food traders and caterers serving food-to-go options such as noodles, pasta, curries, burritos, salads. Two sizes(620ml &770ml) are available for your needs.also we can custom size for u, It fits perfectly into a standard takeaway paper bag. This new product design provides the best of both worlds: maximum convenience and sustainability for on-the-go eating.

Pulp Plates

Freezing to High-Heat Pulp Packaging is suitable for freezing to high heat application Items. This innovation design make we realize as “ONE PACKAGING” of the food supply chain. And it helps reduce packing costs, to eliminate artificial materials, to achieve high cost effective and sustainability at the same time.with all biodegradable and compostable material, it will make a big step to our green planet.

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