The Main Raw Material For Molded Pulp Production

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Sugarcane pulp is the main raw material of pulp molding products. Sugarcane pulp molding box products are mainly made of bagasse fiber. Sugarcane pulp takes bagasse as raw material. Sugarcane tableware has more significant external advantages than wood pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp and other raw materials due to its edible quality. The sugarcane fiber is long, and plasticity is strong, so sugarcane is made into finished products, do not need to add auxiliary agents because of molding problems. Sugarcane pulp can be either wet pulp or pressed into paddle boards through a drying process. Bagasse pulp in wet pulp state was then added with water to form a certain concentration of slurry directly for pulp molding production; The pulp plate should be broken through the pulp machine and then added water to configure the pulp into a certain concentration for pulp molding production. A certain concentration of slurry is supplied to the pulp molding machine. The slurry is formed, shaped and cut into molding products in a pulp molding machine.

Bagasse fiber is medium and long fiber, which has the advantages of moderate strength and moderate toughness. It is the most suitable raw material for pulp molding products at present, so bagasse pulp products are the most widely used. At present, the dinnerware products mostly use bagasse fiber, and some high-end mobile phone holders, cosmetics packaging is also useful for this raw material.

Bagasse pulp is produced all over the world, such as southeast Asia, South AS Thailand, America, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East , Guangxi,Yunnan Province in China. Sugarcane is grown in large quantities in these areas, and there are many sugar mills, sugarcane is the raw material of sugar mills, whereas bagasse is originally the waste of sugar mills, but many sugar mills have set up bagasse pulp mills to make pulp for paper mills and pulp molding mills.

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