Top 8 Reasons That You May Choose Pulp Molded Packaging in The Near Future

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In the past few years, you may notice that more and more products such as kitchenware, glass jars, eggs, or electronics are switching to use molded fiber packaging. This type of material has several advantages that make it an excellent choice for your needs. For example, it is light weight, space-saving, raw materials available and environmentally friendly. Here are ten reasons why we choose paper-plastic packaging

  1. Molded Pulp Packaging Can Be Used for Different Industry or Food Packaging

Molded pulp is easy to use and can be cast into a variety of shapes and sizes as needed. This makes this packaging ideal for everyday use, adding an extra layer of protection to delicate and tough products. Pulp fibers are cast into different three-dimensional shapes designed for a variety of products. Packaging materials can be customized to millimetre accuracy, taking full advantage of available resources.

  1. Eco-Friendly Material

Can molded pulp be composted? Pulp packaging manufacturers use molded pulp packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate environmental degradation. Since it comes from natural fibers and materials, it can be 100% recycled. Best of all, it’s not dangerous or toxic. Even if it is dumped in a landfill, the natural fiber is degradable and compostable.

By using natural raw materials, you can help reduce carbon emissions and reverse the damage caused by plastics and other non-biodegradable waste.

  1. Growing Popularity

Nowadays, more than ever, customers prefer companies that care about the environment. With molded packaging following this theme, it is becoming a popular choice for customers. Companies that use pulp packaging materials show that they care about the environment and retain and win more customers in the long run.

  1. Moulded Pulp Packaging Costis Affordable

Many businesses are set up for profit. Compared to traditional packaging, molded packaging is cheaper to use and is a smart move for businesses that want to make more money.

  1. Better Protection

Molded pulp packaging is designed to fit any item that will be carried, such as wine bottles or cups. Goods have the highest risk of damage during transit, which can be avoided if they are perfectly suited to the packaging material. This material softens vibrations, cushions, blocks, brackets, and supports whatever you’re shipping, with added protection over traditional packaging materials.

Molded fiber packaging is not as hard as plastic and other similar materials. Its softer texture eliminates the risk of scratching and bruising your precious items, making it ideal for transport and storage.

Certain conditions can damage electrical equipment, including moisture, dust, and certain environmental conditions. Molded pulp packaging helps protect your gadgets in varying temperature and humidity conditions.

Depending on your shipping content and customer instructions, fiber packaging materials can be customized to make them oil, water, shock and static resistance, which is the recommended choice for electronic devices.

  1. Higher Space Utilization Rate

Larger fiber molding saves space by stacking and nesting inventory on pallets. This increases the amount of product shipped and the amount that can be stored in the warehouse. When you have more pallets, you don’t need extra space. As a warehouse keeper, you can rent more space. If you rent space, adding fiber packaging materials allows you to store more items.

  1. Higher Quality

Molded packaging is both space-saving and cost-effective. Starting from the production line, the design is simple and based on well-resourced materials. In addition, finished products are nested, saving more than 50% of space and allowing you to transport more products per truck. Its excellent protective quality ensures that the impact of vibration and temperature will not damage anything.

  1. Infinite Design Space

The electronics industry uses molded pulp packaging to facilitate the transportation of valuable and delicate gadgets. Pulp packaging manufacturers custom design the boxes and rely on experienced teams with top technology. Thanks to advanced technology, molded fiber packaging can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes without compromising its protective quality.

By switching to this 100% recyclable commodity, appliance manufacturers can do more than promote environmental awareness and increase customer trust and profits. Due to the nature and design of the molded fibers, this form of packaging is usually reinforced with strong supports to accommodate a variety of packaging. Moulded fiber packaging is durable and resistant to many weather, heat and humidity factors. All these aspects make it a worthwhile investment. The outlook for manufacturing is shifting towards sustainability. Due to its environmentally friendly nature, superior protection, lower production costs and top customizability, more and more retailers are increasing their investment in molded fiber packaging, which is a shift from traditional plastic and polystyrene foam packaging.

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