What’s The Advantage Of Eco Friendly Paper Packaging?

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Eco Friendly packaging make a crucial role in protecting our planet 

Globally, 42% of plastics are used in packaging, and most of them are used for single-use purposes only, so the problems that plastic pollution creates in the ecosystem are long-term and persistent.

The recycling rate of plastic is only 10%, which means that 90% of the plastic is incinerated, land filled or directly discarded into the natural environment. Plastics typically take 20 to 400 years, or more, to decompose. Decomposed plastic creates debris, or microplastics, that remain in the atmospheric circulation, in everything from water to food and soil, and everything we touch. Packaging with sustainable materials can break this negative cycle.And then paper packaging make a crucial function to Eco Friendly Packaging.

Eco Friendly packaging is a way Green, low carbon and environmental protection, main axis of the future development of the packaging industry

Paper packaging is the largest amount of packaging materials in the world. As a typical midstream industry, paper are mainly the paper industry that provides base paper products such as whiteboard, double-coated paper, copper plate, corrugated paper, etc., as well as industries and manufacturing that provide chemical paper making, printing, etc. industry, consumer electronics, tobacco, food and beverage, medicine and other terminals, with a wide range of applications. The continuous development of traditional high-end industries, emerging industries and the rise of emerging markets such as the downstream tobacco and alcohol market are driving the growth of industry domination.it relates to diversity packaging of our kinds of life.

And Paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, non-toxic, light weight, foldable, odorless, and pollution-free.Choosing Eco Friendly paper packaging is is our modern times request , it will not only improve your brand image, increase sustainability, and improve customer satisfaction, which in turn will lead to a healthier return line for your business,but also have a long run good turn development on planet.

There have Different Types Of Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging Solutions For Your choice

More and More paper packaging are design well for our products packaging and protecting,or shippment. We have many choice with Eco Friendly material,to customized our packaging,to help your company to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your brand image, increase sustainability, and improve customer satisfaction, which in turn will lead to a healthier bottom line for your business.

Corrugated packaging

As a mainly part of paper packaging,also it,s a widely popular choice in the paper packaging market.as it’s foldable and custom logo printing.This packaging solution is highly versatile and can be used to package a variety of different products associated with a multitude of industries.

From the website catalpha.com,we find some date close relevant below.

More than 90% of products in the US are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes.

Corrugated boxes are the largest single product in municipal solid waste (MSW), with more than 33.3 million tons being generated in 2018 and also the most frequently recycled.

32.1 million tons of corrugated boxes were recycled out of a total of 33.9 million tons of overall paper and paperboard recycling in the US in 2018, resulting in a recycling rate of 96.5%.

230,000 tons of corrugated boxes were combusted in 2018, with 940,000 tons ending up in landfills the same year.

In addition to being recycled, corrugated cardboard boxes are also often reused much more often compared with single-use cardboard.

Paper Cardboard and Cardstock packaging

As the second part of paper packaging,it,s widely used with folding cartons,like chocolate boxes, soap box,cosmetic box,electronic box,skin care box cleaning item packaging box,food packaging and for a range of sack and bag types. with foldable shape,it save a lot of shipping space and cost.to make it be a cost effective choice.

Also some date close relevant from website catalpha.com

The US EPA found that while corrugated cardboard boxes certainly make up a significant portion of MSW generated, other types of paper packaging products are also included in the recycling system. In fact, it is estimated that in 2018, approximately 1.8 million tons of other paper packaging materials were recycled.

Paper and paperboard packaging make up 75% of all packaging materials recovered for recycling in the United States.

The overall recycling rate for paper and paperboard packaging in 2018 was 80.9%.

3.7% of these materials were combusted for energy recovery in 2018.

Landfill sites in the US received 15.4% of this waste.

Other types of paper packaging, such as sacks, bags, and cartons are generally recycled as mixed papers.

Molded pulp packaging

Molded Pulp Packaging is specialized in 100% recycled, compostable packaging . it’s mainly made of paper pulp.Our main product ranges covers with dry press pulp packages/ wet press pulp packages/ paper pulp table wares &paper pulp crafts.

It’s widely used with cosmetic packaging, electronic packaging,medical items packaging, wine packaging,and any fragile items but high value. it’s light packaging,not only we can save  packaging space,but also weight,as  it’s not heavy compared with other packaging way, Importantly it can protect our shipping goods very well with its good shock-absorbent,it make cost effective and Eco friendly packaging come to true.

Choosing the Eco Friendly Packaging material is not just for the product show and protect.it,s more important request to highlight company value for society and environment.to make the positive&sustainable development at the same time.and also it’s important choice for us every person to get a Responsible Approach,to make out planet more health together.let’s try our best together!



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