Why More And More People Choose Molded Pulp Corner Guard Anti-Seismic Packaging?

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Pulp molding corner guard is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, which is used to replace wood packaging and other bulky packaging methods. With low price, light weight, strong, in line with environmental requirements and other characteristics. Pulp molded corner guard consists of specially shaped and molded pieces made from pulp-based materials, typically recycled paper cardboard or other natural fibers.

The global low-carbon environmental protection storm has spread to the packaging field, put forward the concept of low-carbon packaging, low-carbon packaging the main content of lightweight packaging, clean production, green products, energy saving and emission reduction and paper instead of wood. Replacing wood with paper is the core of low-carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper not only reduces the amount of wood, reduces the felling of trees, protects the ecological environment, but also saves energy and water and reduces emissions. According to calculations, the use of waste paper to produce 1 ton of paper can save 5 cubic meters of wood, 60 cubic meters of water, 300 KWH, pulp molding corner protection as edge protection, corner protection, top protection, bottom protection of new packaging materials, opened up a new way of “container free packaging”, all kinds of items, where only to protect its corners, do not have to be the overall inclusion of goods, greatly benefited by its energy saving and environmental protection.

Key features of molded pulp corner guard anti-seismic packaging include:

1.Paper corner protection can bundle the product together to make the overall package more solid and firm.

2.The goods fixed on the pallet, can play a role in protecting the product and its edge.

3.In the handling process can protect and support the product.

4.Can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers. It can play a role in strengthening the pallet during the transportation of goods, so as to avoid the damage to the corner of the edge of the goods in the process of handling, packing and transportation. It is made of waste paper, so it can be recycled and recycled. And in the export container can be fumigation-free, cost saving, has been widely used.

5.Provide solid packaging for pallet transportation: pulp molding corner protection can be installed on the pallet of any goods corner protection, it is used with packaging belt (or bundle film), so that the original loose pieces of cardboard boxes, plates, metal pipes, electronic components and other items become a solid whole, to prevent the tilt of goods, collapse. Another big advantage of paper corner guard is that it is very convenient to unpack, as long as you cut the packing belt or bale film.

6.To prevent external damage: if the use of paper corner protection is only to protect the surface, choose a thickness of about 2.0mm, the weight of the product needs to choose a thicker product, according to the actual need to choose a thickness between 3mm-5mm, its size can be determined according to the size of the corner protection, in order to reduce costs, Some small corner guards can also be used to protect the corners damaged by too tight packaging.Because the pulp molding corner guard can greatly reduce the damage suffered by the goods in transportation, it is considered to be an ideal packaging product, which can help users improve the external image of the product. According to different modes of transportation and environmental conditions, pulp molding corner guards have a wide range of uses.

Overall, molded pulp corner guard packaging is an effective and sustainable solution for protecting products during transportation. It combines the benefits of shock absorption, customization, sustainability and compliance with seismic safety standards to ensure that products arrive at their destination intact and undamaged.

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