Why More and More Products Choose Pulp Molded Packaging?

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As one of the recommended products from the World Environmental Protection Department, pulp molded products take great importance to environmental protection work. During the whole production process, it mainly a physical reaction, only a small number of chemical items added as water proof agent, and these chemical materials in  the products after drying, basically all retained in the finished products, no discharge caused environmental pollution,the consumption of water during production is not much, and will not cause any pollution problem.

After years of development and innovation, equipment performance increased hughly, and production cost drive in stability. Currently the production cost of paper supporting products in China is basically the same as foam plastic products, and some of the cost pulp products is significantly lowers than plastic products. With the environmental advantages, the pulp molded products have become an inevitable trend in more and more fields.

Pulp molded technology can create a variety of molds to produce molded products, the biggest advantage is that molds can be produced as the specifications and different shapes of the products. Customized packaging products will not only greatly save the material cost, but also help to fit the products well which will help products prevent collision during transportation.

As eco-friendly material, pulp material is degradable and compostable. Due to the natural advantages of the material,under natural conditions, the pulp material can be compostable which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by packaging.

In the past years, pulp molded packaging has been largely used in packaging of agricultural products, food packagings, electrical products packagings and medical related products. It is an inevitable trend that molded packaging products replace foam plastic products as shock-proof packaging, the market potential of paper pulp packaging will have bright market in the near future.

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